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Yours, Mine, and Ours: Determining Boundaries Contributed by Connie Hudgeons Overview: Students learn about conflict by participating in a role-playing activity in the context of the fictional region of “Ugeria.” Suggested Grade Level: 12th Class Length: 90 minutes Connection with Curriculum Standards: Standard 10: The Characteristics, Distribution, and Complexity of Earth’s Cultural Mosaics Standard 16: The Changes That Occur in the Meaning, Use, Distribution, and Importance of Resources Inquiry Questions: - Why and how do cooperation and conflict help shape the distribution of social, political, and economic spaces on Earth at different scales? - What is the impact of multiple spatial divisions on people’s daily lives? - How do differing points of view and self-interest play a role in conflict over territory and resources? Materials Needed: Maps of the fictional colony “Ugeria” Pencils and markers Paper or posterboard Procedure: Opening: Conduct a discussion about the following terms: region, territory, boundary, sovereignty, alliance, colony, ethnic group, exclave, enclave. At the conclusion of the discussion, students should have a working knowledge of the terms. Some definitions: Region: an area with one or more common characteristics or features that give it a measure of homogeneity and make it different from surrounding areas Territory: a part of a country that does not have the full status of a principal division Boundary: any line or thing marking a limit Sovereignty: an independent state or governmental unit Alliance: a close association of nations or countries for a common objective Colony: a community of people of the same nationality or pursuits, concentrated in a particular district or place Ethnic group: people who share customs, characteristics, language, and common history Exclave: a bounded (non-island) piece of territory that is part of a

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