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TABLE OF CONTENTS I. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1 II. ENVIRONMENT ANALYSIS 2 III. SWOT ANALYSIS 5 IV. MARKETING OBJECTIVES 6 V. MARKETING STRATEGIES A. Target Market 7 B. Marketing Mix 9 VI. MARKETING IMPLEMENTATION A. Marketing Organization 12 B. Activities, Responsibility, and Timetables for Completion 13 VII. EVALUATION AND CONTROL A. Perform Standards and Financial Controls 19 B. Monitoring Procedures 21 I. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Today, Vietnamese think and care more about their healthy. One of the ways to improve through generations is nutrition. Vietnamese people really have been caring about their children development. And milk is one kind of food that included in ration for everyday uses that can’t be missed. Milk is needed for new born to infant to grown up adult to maintain their health. It can be considered as a liquid nutritional supplement. It is a concentrated source of Calcium and contents a considerable amount of protein, vitamins and minerals. Some examples for drinking milk is good: government guidelines for healthful eating have for many years perpetuated the idea that milk is a part of a balanced diet. And milk is also identified as a recommended food group in the U.S. Department of Agriculture food guide. Vietnam is in the group of 20 countries that import milk the most (about 1,2 million tons a year). 70% is dry milk powder, used as an ingredient for milk conversion. Obviously, milk consumption in Vietnam is very large. And milk is a really huge market. Among companies take part in this market. There are large companies and corporations as Vinamilk, Lothamilk, DutchLady... And they have been doing this business for many years. But the market still has some gaps for newbies to jump in. About the name, this newbie is named TH True Milk. TH milk established their business

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