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II. Describe the most difficult/challenging situation you have faced professionally (approx. 250 words)*. The most challenging and difficult situation that I have faced professionally is when I transferred to a startup department, XY a year ago. The decision was very difficult to make because not only my job wasn’t stable, but the position itself was very challenging. I remember asking myself “what if this department doesn’t work out, what if we don’t make the required acquisitions”. I felt perplexed because I loved the corporate environment but the idea of starting something from scratch that I could call my own was very exciting and it motivated me. Consequently, I decided to take the risk and accepted the offer because I knew that it will test my skills and capabilities The first six months were very difficult because I found myself wearing many hats and never knew what the next week would look like. While my background was mostly Finance/Accounting, I had to perform other duties to help build our department. For example, a year ago, our department only had computers, no office supplies and no printers. I had never been part of a startup unit but I’ve tried my hardest and have gone above and beyond the call of duty to help built it. I solely created all of the accounting functionalities for the administrative department as well the practice division. I have taken my responsibilities very seriously and continuously thought of ways to modify and improve the department’s financial operations in effort to increase accuracy. Hence, I’ve produced all the accounting schedules, analysis, and reconciliations. Although there have been times where some parts in development process were very challenging and somewhat out of my comfort zone, I have however worked very closely with other team members and departments to help me arrive to at the best result

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