Mba Assignment on Pricing Essay

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LONDON METROPOLITAN UNIVERSITY Master of Business Administration [pic] Sujit Nair. September 2009 Supervised by Dr.Jalil Ahmed, London Metropolitan University. Dissertation submitted in the partial fulfilment of the requirement of London Metropolitan University for the Master of Business Administration degree Module: MNPP59N Student Number: 07039796 Acknowledgements The researcher would like to thank a number of people who supported him during the course of this programme and dissertation. First, the researcher would like to thank WOW agency and London Metropolitan University for providing data and access to all the resources needed for the dissertation. Additionally, the researcher would like to thank the contractors and clients of WOW who agreed to participate in this research. The researcher would like to thank his dissertation supervisor, Dr.Jalil Ahmed, for his support, thoughtful comments and reviews during the dissertation The researcher would like to express gratitude to his parents for the moral support and encouragement during studies. Last but not the least, the researcher would like to thank MBA course leader, Mr.Nick Scott and his team of tutors for activating the magnets of curiosity, knowledge, and wisdom. CONTENTS Executive summary 3 1: Introduction 4 1.1 Research Questions 7 1.2 Research Objectives 7 1.3 Research Justification 7 2: Literature Review 9 2.1 Low cost marketing strategy 9 2.2 Pricing strategy 15 3: Research Methodology 23 3.1 Research philosophy 24 3.2 Research approach 25 3.3 Research strategy 26 3.4 Data collection method 27 3.5. Data quality issues 28
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