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University of Haifa Graduate School of Management HaifaUnivMarketingManagementFERN2009v4 MBA International Executive program – Fern Class MBA COURSE 4905: MARKETING MANAGEMENT Period 3, October - December 2009, Thursdays COURSE INSTRUCTOR: DR. GRAHAM I. JACKSON Tel: 04-8240612 and 0544-418313 Meetings by appointment SYLLABUS COURSE OBJECTIVES The aim of this course is to help students understand the principles of Marketing and their application in real-world business situations. SCOPE AND STYLE OF THE COURSE The course starts by providing a customer orientation and tools to understand the marketplace. We then introduce the main tools in the Marketing Mix: Products, Pricing, Marketing Communication, Distribution and Customer Service. The course ends with an overview of Marketing Strategies and Marketing Planning. The course will mainly focus on local and global B2C Marketing for Consumer Goods. The course will be taught through a combination of frontal lectures, case analyses and class discussions. The cases are: Unilever's Real Beauty campaign for Dove" (2007). The case describes Unilever's famous marketing campaign for its leading personal care brand "Dove". The campaign ads contradicted conventional wisdom and created controversy by featuring regular women instead of models. “Wang's Fortune Tea from China (B)"(2008). This case describes China's top selling herbal tea brand and its challenges in defending its home market against local an international brands. We will also consider how Wang's Fortune Tea could be introduced to the Israeli market. READINGS Textbook: Kotler Philip and Keller Kevin Lane, Marketing Management, 12th Edition (2006) or 13th Edition (2008), Prentice Hall. Dolan R. J., Note on Marketing Strategy, Harvard Business School, 1.11.2000 Lecture Slides, case studies and topical articles for discussion will be

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