MBA 570 - Problem Definition: Classic Airlines

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Running head: PROBLEM DEFINITION: CLASSIC AIRLINES Problem Definition: Classic Airlines University of Phoenix Problem Definition: Classic Airlines For a company to launch a successful marketing campaign, all environmental factors must be evaluated and implemented properly. Much of the work lies in planning which can prepare the company for unexpected outcomes, mitigate identified risks, and control the timeframe and budget as much as possible. Classic Airlines is a company with a long history of success; however, they have recently encountered difficulties in their progression towards an effective customer service and marketing campaign. They face the possibility of failure and, assuming rumors are correct, bankruptcy if the project is not pulled through the obstacles. It is critical for Classic Airlines to regain their industry-leading position in the market, increase revenue and profits, and create lasting relationships with customers. To do this, they must enter into the new realm of marketing to meet a growing demand from both competitors and customers for value and pricing. Describe the Situation “Classic Airlines is the world’s fifth largest airline. Classic Airlines commands a fleet of more than 375 jets that serve 240 cities with more than 2,300 daily flights. In the 25 years since its inception. Classic has grown to an organization of 32,000 employees, and last year, it earned $10 million on $8.7 billion in sales” (University of Phoenix, 2008). The following challenges and opportunities will describe Classic Airlines’ issues which will have an impact on their future decisions and ventures. Creating customer value is essential for a company’s marketing success. “customer value is the unique combination of benefits received by targeted buyers that includes quality, price, convenience, on-time delivery, and both before-sale and

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