Mba 525 Professional Development Reaction Paper 1

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The career that I have chosen is Health Science. To enable me to explain why this particular career appeals to me today, I first must explain where my career started and how it changed over the years to give you insight into my ultimate decision to pursue my MBA in Health Care Management. My career goal is to work as a hospital administrator for a leading medical facility. I earned a B.S in Business Administration majoring in real estate and urban analysis from the University of Florida. My initial career goal was to become a successful residential real estate agent, take my brokers exam and ultimately transition into commercial real estate. I soon realized that being a commercial real estate agent is a very financially unstable career, at-least in the beginning. When I married, my priorities and career goals changed. I transitioned into Business-to-Business sales in the form of office technology sales. This satisfied both my personal and professional goals. I was successful and satisfied with my chosen career for over seven years, and then the industry changed. I left this industry after years of ever increasing sales goals, lower profit margins and stagnant income. I also had a new priority in my life, to be involved in a health science career that Dr. Pace (2006) describes as “…satisfying because they directly help improve lives” (p. 14). The reason that my priorities shifted was due to the fact that my wife was involved in an extremely serious automobile crash. She sustained a broken neck, brain injury, collapsed lungs and multiple internal injuries. After she awoke from her coma, she had to endure physical rehabilitation as well as occupational and speech therapy. Because of the team of medical professionals and support staff my wife has recovered, gone back to college, became a certified radiologic technologist, became a mother of two and is an

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