MBA 520 Problem Solution

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Problem Solution: Intersect Investments Intersect Investment company and their management team has decided to make some changes, some of the changes are drastic, in order to remain competitive, regain their clients trust, gain future clients trust, regain employees trust, advertise brand awareness, and introduce new products, services and expert advice. A new executive vice president has been hired to implement some of these transitions. Her name is Janet Angelo, she has been given 12 months to turn the company around and ensure they retain the top three ranking in the financial services industry. Managerial concepts such as distributive negotiations, group and team formation processes, elements of organizational culture, and ethics in organizational culture, equity theory and integrative concepts will be applied and suggested as I discuss Intersect Investment opportunities and the future. Intersect Investment company plans to implement Frank Jeffers, the CEO’s, vision and make some changes within the sales and marketing teams to use the methodology that has been proven to be successful, which will be discussed later. If Intersect Investments is going to realize their vision, the relationship with management, employees, and clients will need to be positive, ethical and trustworthy. Once Intersect Investment learns and instills the knowledge on how to communicate efficiently and effectively across all lines internally and externally in an appropriate manner (McShane & VonGlinow, 2005), the company will experience success throughout the various departments within the organization. Situation Analysis Issue and Opportunity Identification Frank Jeffers, Intersect Investment’s CEO has a vision that will require change within the company, particularly in sales. Since the September 11, 2001 tragedy, the financial services industry has been in a
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