MBA 520 Leadership and Change Management Research

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Running Head: Leadership and Change Management Research Change Management Benchmarking University of Phoenix Leadership and Change Management Research In 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader, John C. Maxwell states that “everything rises and falls on leadership.” The University of Phoenix MBA 520 simulation, on which this research paper is based, introduces the reader to a telecommunication company with a $200 million annual revenue, CrysTel. Lead by Morgan Trevannon, CEO, and his management staff, CrysTel is fighting to stay competitive in the ever changing and developing telecommunications market. As many of its rival companies have done, CrysTel has decided to diversify the products and services it currently offers. In doing so, Trevannon and his team understand the importance of leadership as mentioned by Maxwell, and hence realized the importance of identifying and improving the company’s organizational and leadership weaknesses (University of Phoenix, 2008). After commissioning several employee surveys, CrysTel determined that it’s Marketing and Sales & Delivery departments exhibited weak leadership principles, not conducive to change or a motivated workforce. Upon implementation of organizational change in these departments, a noticeable, positive change was seen in the Sales and Delivery Department, but still no significant change was witnessed in the Marketing department. However, by analyzing change management techniques used by other companies, CrysTel can choose the right model to implement in order to aid in building a culture within its company, and its various departments such as Marketing, that can facilitate the changes CrysTel is about to experience. This paper is divided into six sections: 1. Organizational Change Models 2. Leadership Style Implications on Change Management 3. Leadership

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