Mba 500 Personal Perspective Paper

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Perspective Paper 1 Running Head: PERSPECTIVE PAPER Personal Perspective Paper University of Phoenix /MBA 500 Perspective Paper 2 In this assignment I will focus on answering two important questions in respect to my graduate studies. First, how did I decide to pursue my master‘s degree, and secondly what do I expect to gain from completing my Master’s of Business Administration program. I have surmised 2 fundamental reasons why I am pursuing my MBA. First, I would like to increase my earning potential positioning myself for future management advancement and lastly, my personal thirst for knowledge. Admittedly, earning potential is the main driving force behind my wanting to attain a MBA degree. Surveys show that a bachelor’s degree alone is not enough in today’s workplace to benefit financially. Documentation puts you in a position to earn more and be considered for future upper level management opportunities as they arise. According to Katherine S. Mangan, Chronicle of Higher Education; 7/19/2002, Vol. 48 Issue 45, pA10, 1/3p “A survey of more than 5,000 second-year M.B.A. students this spring found that they expected to earn an average base starting salary of $75,000,…show more content…
I plan to improve my writing skills, problem solving/critical thinking skills and increase my business strategy knowledge. As I continue to improve my writing skills, by using various resources such as the Center for Writing Excellence, I hope to improve my grammatical skills, APA citation and research techniques. These skills will strengthen my abilities to communicate and enhance my confidence when similar work-related issues arise that involve critical thinking and problem solving. These skills are continuously being utilized to improve our manufacturing processes, in line with reducing costs and improving our quality

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