Mazzini Essay

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Was Mazzini merely a dreamer and propagandist who contributed nothing of substance to Italian unification? How fat do you agree? There are several viewpoints can be made regarding the certain question. Many believe that Mazzini was simply a dreamer and propagandist who did not bring any impact to Italian unification. Karl Marx stated that Mazzini’s ideas represent ‘nothing better than the old idea of a middle-class republic”. However, there are others who believe that he did contribute, according to Alexander Herzen, Mazzini was the ‘shining star’ of the democratic revolutions of 1848. Nevertheless, on order to come up with reasonable conclusion, analysing his ideas and contributions is important. One of the major ideas of Mazzini was to unite Italy, therefore democracy and freedom of speech. However, nations did not want to unite themselves and his idea of ‘democracy for all’ would not appeal for all middle-class people, consequently the idea of ‘unity’ was not thought well. Moreover, if you want democracy – you should fight Austria, but it was quite problematic to do, as Mazzini wanted to defeat Austrians without foreign help. Therefore, unification of Italy by its own effort was unrealistic. Another chimerical idea of him was that unification should go from “below”, This was a debatable attempt because peasants at those times were uneducated and the idea ‘unity” was not apprehensible by them, and it is important to accentuate that middle-class people would not give rights to vote to poor people, consequently the idea of inequality is just a ‘dream’. Moreover, Mazzini’s ideas can refer to a “modern” agents and a remarkably radical one for these times. Most importantly, it was problematic and unrealistic attempt from him as the probability that you would change or do something while you are exiled or outside the country is very low, in other words
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