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Book Report: The Maze Runner The Maze Runner is the first book of the thrilling trilogy written by James Dashner.The book aims a young-adult audience and falls under the genre of scientific fiction, similar to the best-selling series The Hunger Games. It is from the main character’s perspective, Thomas. He is a young boy who has no personal knowledge from the past and was placed in an unfamiliar area filled with a group of other teenage boys.The setting is a widespread area blockaded by four large stone walls, which is surrounded by an impenetrable maze. Thomas quickly discovers that it is his destiny to rescue himself and the othersby figuring out the maze to escape. Reading about the complicated and near-death experiences Thomas faced to reach his destiny, readers get an insight look on the dystopian world Dashner created. The book starts off with Thomas wakening up in a concrete box with only a beam of light shining through. He is soon greeted by a group of boys, whom he discovers are very similar to him; young and unfamiliar with the past. Thomas is immediately befriended by a boy named Chuck who shows him around the widespread area, which is name The Glade. The Glade includes different locations; where the boys eat, where the boys sleep, and where they do just about everything else that’s important for survival. Just a day after Thomas arrived, a wave of shock and fear is sent throughout the Glade because a girl is delivered. Her name is Teresa and before she falls into a deep coma, she reveals that she will be the last person ever sent. Thomas feels an unexplainable connection to Teresa and after a few days in his new “home” he also feels a strong desire to become a Runner. A Runner is the mostimportant job amongst the Gladers. Runners are the smartest and quickest boys who explore Maze every day to document its ever-changing paths in attempt to find an

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