Mayella Ewell In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Atticus Mayella Ewell is just in shock. I wouldn’t expect a lady who has gone through physical maltreatment to speak up about the events that happened leading to this trial. Her father seems to have input such corrupt ways of living into his children. I find it absolutely shameful of their living and obloquies towards higher authority figures and themselves. What I find strange is the archaic of Mr. Ewell’s abuse on Mayella and the unfortunate handicap Tom Robinson contains. Bob Ewell is left handed he must have inflicted the bruise on the right side of her face. Tom Robinson’s left arm is useless and limp. Mayella is terrified I understand but if she has any heart and confidence she would confess the actions that went on. I believe and…show more content…
On account of Mayella she has not been treated as a lady and becomes defensive when treated properly. I can tell Mayella is bluffing when Bob Ewell looks at her she becomes timid. Mayella being emotional could easily be dismissed from specific questions mentally. She took offense to my common courtesy but soon dismissed the fact that I was “mocking” her to get on with the trial. Asking Mayella if Mr. Ewell was good to her seemed to bring Bob Ewell to the edge of his seat. Mayella stated he is “tollable”, tolerable following with “cept when-“. I intended to break the ice with Mayella and did so. As I asked Mayella if Tom Robinson has ever asked to come into the fence by her personally she seemed to have been startled or jumped. She replied “yes” and to the following question answered “I mighta,” if she has ever asked him to do odd jobs for her before. Getting into the case asking if she remembered Tom Robinson beating her about the face Mayella sit quiet as if she were processing. After repeating the question Mayella stated she could not recollect if she’d been hit and then recalled that she had been hit. She couldn’t remember how he hit her and began to sound puzzled and started becoming

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