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The Classical Mayans or Mayas, were Pre-Columbian and Mesoamerican settlers in Central America. They originated from South Mexico and developed a civilization in approx. 300.A.D. The Mayas were Pagan people and though they lived a simplistic life, they developed a highly organized political society based on kingship and priesthood. They invented complex mathematics, a hieroglyphic written language, built magnificent pyramids and temples and invented many calendars. The Classical Mayan culture declined before European contact in the 10th century. For every successful ancient civilization there is always a driving force that propels it to become a sophisticated and civilized society. For Rome, it was the rise of Republican Government. In China, the Silk Road brought an unimaginable amount of wealth. The Mayans, however, chose a different source of prosperity: Religion. What started off as a polytheistic religion that held radical beliefs concerning human sacrifice; it soon ended up as the foundation of an ancient civilization that lasted more than 2 millenniums. This essay will focus on the religious beliefs of the Mayans. Every act of Mayan life had a religious connection. “Prayers, rituals, sacrifices and fasting were all part of an everyday life and were carried out with precision” . Their religion was centered on many different gods that they were devoted to. All their events were focused on their religious beliefs to please the gods, as they wished to stay in favour of the one thing that held their religion together. They had many diverse beliefs on the gods. They believed that time was a burden carried by a different God each day. To figure out whether the days amongst them would be good or bad the Mayans created a 260 day calendar, that not only educated them on when to host religious ceremonies, but also when to plant their crops for a

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