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The Mayans The Mayans were a small group of Native American Indians whose civilization began around 2600 B.C. The Mayans had their own unique civilization with their own form of government, and religions. The Mayans also were extremely artistic and smart, which helped them create their writing system, build their houses and temples, along with creating art work, pottery, weapons and their own inventions, which is playing a big role on people in today’s society. The Maya were and are, hands down, the most interesting civilization to come around in the early time period. The Mayan’s were the first civilization that we know of, that built some sort of government. According to Foster, the Mayans were sorted into 18 individual political states, which were ruled by nobles. Nobles could be priests, military leaders, government officials, or basically anything that give them some sort of power. The Mayans were big believers in obedience and punishment, if someone was not to follow the rules or laws then that person was to be severely punished. Human sacrifice was one of the severe punishments; people would have to give their lives just to be forgiven. (1-2) Like in today’s society Foster said that the Mayans were sorted into classes, the nobles, commoners, serfs, and slaves. The nobles, like I said in the paragraph above, served as the rulers, and the higher power people. They were the ones that were born “royalty” meaning they were already chosen from birth. The commoners were people who farmed, worked with in the community, or served the nobles. Commoners could be wealthy and maybe somewhat high on the class status bar due to serving the military or something of that sort, but could not come close to being compared to a noble. The serfs and slaves were basically the same thing, they both served people higher than them. Commoners and nobles could own slaves as long as

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