Mayan Tribal Research Project

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MAYAN TRIBAL RESEARCH PROJECT REGION – The Mayan culture developed in three regions in Mesoamerica. The region is made up of what are now Southern Guatemala, Honduras, and southeastern Mexico. Most of the Mayan region was developed in the tropical rain forest. CLOTHING – They wove cotton to make clothes. FOOD – The main food of the Mayas was maize also called corn. They also grew beans, squash and sweet potatoes. SHELTER – Most of the Mayan population lived in small farming villages. They built small thatched huts. BELIEFS – The Mayans believed that the world had been created five times and destroyed 4 times. They believed in an elaborate after life. RELIGION – The Mayans religion worshipped Gods. The Gods were reptilian and they served two purposes. Mayan Gods were thought to give to the people and take away from people. They felt heaven was reserved for those who had been hanged, sacrificed for the Gods or died at childbirth. Everyone else went to xibal, which was ruled over by the Lords of Death. RESOURCES OF LAND – The Mayans were for the most part farmers. They grew maize, beans, squash, and sweet potatoes. They lived in the tropical rainforest. This was very hard. The Mayans used the slash and burn or milpa form of agriculture. They would burn down forest and use the ash as fertilizer. TRADITIONS – The Mayans played ball games much like what is known today as basketball. They also had many religious ceremonies. The Mayan people would also tie wood blocks on their children forehead to make them flat and would dangle items between their eyes to make their eyes cross. The Mayans felt this made them beautiful. POPULATION TODAY – The Mayan population no longer exists in the countries of Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and Belize. The population during 7th and 8th century was 12-16 million. But in the 16th

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