Mayan HIstory Essay

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Mayan History The topic I chose for the essay was the Maya History. I wanted to write it on Mayan history because it I got interested on it when we watched the movie “Apocalypto.” It was really interesting to see how these people lived and what they had to go through in their history of time. In this essay, I want to show you the culture of the Mayans from beginning and to where they are today. ` The first thing I wanted to talk about was the Mayan culture. The Mayan is constructed with three different types of periods, Maya Classic Period(300 A.D.-900BA.D.), Post Classic Period(1000 A.D.-1500 A.D.), Post Columbian Period(1500 A.D), and Modern Day Period(present day). Most artistic and cultural period came during the Classic period 300 - 900 AD. The Maya developed a complex, society divided into classes and professions. Governments, headed by a king, ruled territories with clearly defined boundaries. These borders changed as the various states lost and gained control over territory. Mayan centers located in Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, and El Salvador. The major cities of the Classic period were Tikal (Guatemala), Palenque and Yaxchil n (Chiapas, Mexico), Cop n and Quirigua (Honduras). For most of this period, the majority of the Maya population lived in the central lowlands of Mexico and Belize. The Yucatan (where present day Cancun is located) was populated for most of the Classic period with only a few cities such as Dzibilchalt n, Xpuhil, Bec n and Chicann. During the 9th century the population centers of the central lowlands declined significantly. This decline was very rapid and is attributed to famine, drought, breakdowns in trade, and political fragmentation. Fragmentation from large states
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