Mayan Food Research Paper

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The type of food that Mayan’ ate were what American’s eat now, or present day. Maize, or corn was the most important and nutritious food they ate. The Mayan culture of food was beans, squash, and maize. Ancient Maya ate rice, wheat, chicken, and pigs. After maize was dried it was ground up to make a flat, dry pancake, known as tortillas. Beans were an excellent source of protein so they mashed them up and they put them inside tortillas to make a burrito. They ate squash raw and for a nutritional snack they dried and roasted the seeds. Chile peppers were used to make spicy ? beans. Avocados, papaya, guava and breadnut were cultivated, or collected from the wild. There were all types of accessories that Maya women wore. Men wore loincloth

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