Mayan Culture

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Mayan Culture Life of a Mayan A typical day in the life of a Mayan craft specialist is very interesting. Craft specialists focus their talents in many different disciplines such as pottery making, painting, tool crafting and building monumental architecture, but that was only part of their life. Craft specialists were also occupied by their families, religious events, and community activities. Tool crafters also played very important roles in Mayan culture. They were the foundations of the civilization. Without the tools that tool crafters were made, life would have been much more difficult and the Mayans could not have produced such monumental architecture. Tool crafters held a commoners status and lived a pretty typical Mayan lifestyle.…show more content…
They lived in a commoner village located close to the cities where elites lived and monumental architecture resided. They lived in a typical house hold structure that included a Domicile, a small building for storage, and a kitchen. These houses were built using wood for poles, grass for thatching, and clay for constructing walls. Tool crafters, on top of their crafting, were obligated to make sure that their houses were kept in good shape to protect their families and belongings from weather. This required repairing walls and roofing when necessary. In a single day, a tool crafter might gather crops from the fields for meals throughout the day, collect grass to repair parts of the roof that is starting to fail, and trade with another specialist for supplies that his house hold may be running low on. A tool crafter lived life just as most commoners did. There was nothing overly monumental about a tool crafter’s daily life. The life of the elites was more interesting than that of a tool crafter or craft specialist. Elites would organize events for commoners to enjoy on occasion. It may be a religious ceremony that all of the villages gathered to watch or a ball game played on the ball court. Tool crafters were not in charge of organizing and planning community events. That was left to the elites and priests, people who had more power or a stronger connection with Mayan deities. A tool crafter may take his family to watch a ball game for entertainment or a family outing when he had time to do
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