Mayan Artifact Essay

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Artifact Essay What is a artifact? Well it is an object made by a human being, typically an item of cultural or historical interest, and the artifact I choose to research was a Mayan ear flare and a ear flare is a piece of jewelry you insert into your ear to physically stretch the skin of the earlobe into an elongated circular shape. I think my artifact is significant because it is not only a piece of jewelry is it something that has deeper meaning. While researching the ear flare I found out things like what is significance about a ear flare and it informed my about the Mayan civilization for example they had a very specific image of beauty. I was also surprised by some of the things I learned like the stretching of the ear actually taught Mayan people lessons, for example patience. But even though I found out a lot of information about my artifact I still had questions like where exactly was my artifact found and where the Mayans could get these ear flares .Also I wondered how did these ear flares from the 3rd and 6th century effect us today. I think a Mayan ear flare was very significant to the Mayan civilization for reasons like it effects the categories of P.E.R.S.I.AT. Mayan ear flares effected the economy because Mayan ear flares were made out of jade and to turn it into jade ear flares there were many jobs involved like jade gathers ,the people who cut the jade , they people who had to smooth the jade, and they needed artisans to engrave the design , so the process of making the ear flares would hire a lot of people. Also jade is a color reminiscent of hues of water and plant life, which entities agriculture had a great significance. Jade also had religious meaning , it was used in sacrificial caches at ceremonies of dedication ,used in burial rituals and placed in tombs. Also in Mayan art when gods are shown coming from the
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