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The Greatest Achievements of Medieval America’s Civilization Medieval America was made up by three major civilizations Aztecs, Incas, and the Mayans. They excelled in building an empire. Each civilization had a good economy and they thrived with agricultural techniques. The Aztecs were located in the Valley of Mexico. The Aztecs had city-states ruled by a head leader. They had a governing council. There economy was a barter economy. They used a system of irrigated agriculture to provide food for the empire. The Gods worshipped and respected were the Gods of rain, fire, water, corn, sky, and sun. The women worked in the fields and raised the children. You would be born into a class but to stay there you had to earn a position. They spoke the language of the Toltec. The calendar system was big and they did pottery that was religious based. They had a well-organized empire through the years. The Incas were located Andean highlands. Genius for state organization and bureaucratic control over peoples of different cultures and languages. They split the land into four providences and ruled by a governor. The states collected all resources and redistributed them. Each community aimed for self-sufficiency but depended on the state for goods. The sun was the highest deity. Belief in animism that endowed many natural phenomena with spiritual power. Women required to weave high-quality cloth for the court and for religious purposes; Incas provided the wool and the women the labor. Their way of living was much like the Roman Empire but they many more advantages. The Mayans were located Yucatán Peninsula. They were never unified politically. Divided into a variety of kingdoms or states with shifting borders and rulers. Subsistence economy, States/kingdoms connected by trade. Theocracy; ruler part god (ancestry), shared religious beliefs. Highly stratified with

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