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Maximum Prison Term Bill Crystal Hardin CJA/314 July 30, 2013 Scott Thirkell Maximum Prison Term Bill “Armed robbery is when a person takes something from another, using violence or intimidation while caring a dangerous weapon” (Portman, n.d.). In most cases in most states the offenders is not charged with armed robbery but are charged with a crime known as aggravated robbery. The use of the weapon makes for the aggravation factor make the crime more serious. Objective of the bill The objective of this bill is to maintain elements of the eight basic principles of Classical thought. Free will or the ability to make rational choice is a big part of this bill. Punishment is another principle that is covered in this bill. The principle of punishment is to deter others who might fallow suet and choose to violate the laws. Alongside of punishment there is the knowledge of right and wrong, an inherent trait. Society will benefit from this bill keeping the offenders out of the public area and locked up. This bill will cover all offenders regardless of age so this will help rehabilitate the juvenile offenders. Goals of the bill The goal behind this bill is to decrease the number of armed robberies through deterrence. With the increase in time and punishment the less likely there will be more offenders committing these types of crimes. This bill will take the current mandatory minimum time for robbery of 5 years to 10 years this is unarmed/aggravated in Arkansas. The Court will add additional time for repeat offenders, armed/aggravated robbery, three strikes rule or any other circumstances pertaining to the case (Mandatory Sentencing Policies of Selected States, 2001). This bill could be very effective in the event that it will keep offenders locked up for a longer period of time, keeping the public safe. In down fall to the bill in a

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