Max and Kevin

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The “Mighty” is a movie about two children, Max and Kevin, living in Cincinnati with disabilities. Max is in the eighth grade, who is picked on by his fellow classmates. Kevin is Max’s new neighbor, who is also in the eighth grade at the same school. The film is based on the two different disabilities each of them have. They both form a unique friendship throughout the movie. What one did not have, the other one did. Then, the two of them were shaped into one, “Freak the Mighty”. Max and Kevin defiantly did not start out as friends. Like Max, Kevin was picked on by the local bully’s because of his disability, but they blamed Max for the incident. Later that day, Max was waiting for his new reading tutor, it was Kevin. Kevin wobbled in with his hunch back and crutches, gave him a book and told him to read, but Max was not able to very well. The next tutor session they have together, Kevin gives Max five dollars and asks if he would take him to the festival to see the fireworks. They arrive to the fireworks show, but Kevin can not see since he is short. Max, with out Kevin asking, picks him up and puts him on his shoulders. That night is when they became one. As they united, they learn that they both have a great deal in common. Max has been picked on the majority of his life. He was known by others as a big scary monster. His father is known as “Killer Cane”, because he killed Max’s mom and was in jail. Just like Max, Kevin has been made fun of his whole life. Kevin’s father also was not around. His father was known for being a magician. However, once he heard of his son’s disability, he disappeared, as a magician would. Although they have similarities, they also have differences as well. Max’s disability is mental and emotional. Max saw his father kill his mother, and has tried to block that out of his head for years. Because of that
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