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Universal Techniques In any artistic work, aesthetic style is a crucial aid to the viewer's understanding of the piece as a whole. Graphic novels use certain techniques that effectively aid the artist in showing the audience the tone and underlying messages. The use of common comic book techniques applied in Batman: The Killing Joker, such as the implementation of flashbacks, the personification of animals, and shading, define the tone which permeates through Art speigleman’s Maus. He uses these techniques to portray and transmit a message about the duress and excruciating pain that was suffered during the concentration camps and to show what Vladek had to go though to survive the Holocaust. In Alan Moore’s graphic novel Batman: The Killing Joke, the plot revolves around a largely psychological battle between Batman and his longtime enemy the Joker. The Joker intends to drive Gotham City Police Commissioner James Gordon insane to prove that the most upstanding citizen can go mad after having "one bad day". Along the way, the Joker has flashbacks to his early life, gradually explaining how he has come to his present state. Alan Moore implements the use of flashbacks throughout the comic to give the reader of sense of the Joker’s origin. Flashbacks are used in many productions, whether it is theatrical, written, or shown in a movie. It allows the audience not only to observe a character’s past but also experience the change that an occurrence in the past caused in them. The reader is able to understand the rationale behind the Joker’s actions by exploring his past and identifying factors that contributed to his character’s formation. The exploration of the Joker's origin and the hopelessness that defines his "evil clown" persona is used by the author to add more depth to the character. As the author uses flashbacks to show Joker's history, the Joker himself admits to

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