Maus: A Survivors Tale

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A Survivors Tale Chapter One: Mauschwitz When we think of the holocaust, we think of it in a horrific manner, which isn’t far from how we should depict it; but there was more to the holocaust than just death. There was so many personal stories that people had and that we never got to hear. The personal stories are an important part of the holocaust, maybe even more important because it gives us a look at what families went through and a more in depth view of how families survived and what it took to survive. Art Spiegelman’s Maus, gives us all of these. In the Maus A Survivors Tale, it starts off with Art and his wife getting a call from Vladek, asking them to come to his house because Mala left him and took his money. So Art and his wife decide to go there for the weekend. On the way there Art talks about how he wished he would have been in the holocaust with his dad so he could experience what he did and understand why his dad is the way he is. He also told his wife that he never feels like he’s good enough for his dad because he didn’t go through what his dad went through and he is always messing up in his dad’s eyes. This is important to the story, but for now I’ll get back to explaining my part of the story. When they arrive at Vladek’s house he tells Art and his wife that he wants them to stay with him permanently. Art doesn’t like this idea because he and his dad don’t really get a long well. The next morning Vladek comes in and wakes Artie and his wife up by telling them they are sleeping the day away, and it only ends up being eight in the morning. This frustrates Artie, but he gets up anyways. He goes to fix coffee and needs matches, so he uses one of his dad’s wooden matches and his dad gets mad because he’s trying to save them that way he doesn’t have to buy anymore. After all of the things that happened that morning, they finally take off to do
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