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Beijing BISS International School Grade 10 School Year: 2012-2013 To what degree was Vladek’s survival based on luck, and to what degree was his survival based on his considerable resourcefulness? URL: Student’s Name: Julia Li Teacher’s Name: A. Geralis Class: M.Y.P. – English A Rationale “Maus” is a graphic novel written by Art Spiegelman based on a true story of his father, Vladek Spiegelman. The story is about Vladek’s experience and survival in the Holocaust that happened during 1939-1945 in Poland. In this essay I’m going to discuss about Vladek’s survival. Was his survival was based on luck more? Or his considerable resourcefulness? In my opinion, Vladek’s survival was relied more on luck than his considerable resourcefulness. Obviously, Vladek’s survival was also included a great deal of his skillfulness. However I believe luck is the larger reason why Vladek survived. In this essay, I am going to prove that Vladek’s survival was mostly based on his luck. I intend to prove and give evidence that Vladek needed luck in order to use his considerable resources to survive. In addition, I am going to show how Vladek survived only by luck and when he was unlucky. Then I will compare and analyze the degree of significance of luck and considerable resources. The reason I planned to discuss about Vladek’s survival is because I want to prove and show people, you need luck to survive in a hard situation, no matter how knowledgeable or smart you are. (Word Count: 200) Contents * Rationale ------------------------------------------------------------------------------p.2 * Contents -------------------------------------------------------------------------------p.3 * Essay

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