Maureen Daly's Seventeenth Summer

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The book I read is called Seventeenth Summer. The author of Seventeenth Summer is Maureen Daly. This book is a romance fiction story.The plot of Seventeenth Summer is about Angie Morrow's first love. Shortly after graduating from a private high school in Wisconsin, Angie meets Jack Duluth, the star center on a public high school's basketball team,but Angie's mom and dad are getting very sullen at her because she is now all the sudden spending more time with jack then on her studys. This story takes place during the summertime. Angie, the main character of the story,has three sisters Kitty, Lorraine, and Margaret. Margaret…show more content…
Angie and Jack would hangout at least every night if Angie got lucky,but one day Angie's friend Toni called and asked if she would like to out on a Saturday night to catch up on stuff since he was in town.Well when Angie and Toni went out to get another Coke of course since it is a small town news gets around fast and the news got to Jack.Jack is the one who introduced Toni to Angie before in highschool and Jack knows he's a fast guy.After that night when Angie went to go hang with Toni,Jack stopped calling for some odd reason.Angie got a little curious on why he hasn't called.Man,if I ever felt that way it would be like some chiseling away at my heart every time beats.After that indecent she calls up lily who is going out with Fitz(Jack's best friend) and asked "Hey do you know what's going on with Jack"?Lily answered in a Psh you didn't know?me tone saying "You didn't hear?Jane Randy has been telling everyone that her and Jack got back together and since Jack heard that you and Toni went out the other night he really didn't…show more content…
I was just hanging out with him and catching up on life with him but anyway I got to go, so I'll talk to you later".Angie hung up crying her eyeball sockets out but in a quiet way/ Well after awhile Jack and Angie got back together.It was now August.Fairly close for Angie to leave for college but before I get to that I have some other things to say.Angie's parents wanted to meet Jack finally so they invited him over for dinner.After Dinner there was a big big storm and Jack couldn't drive

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