Matthew Bourne: A Seminal Artist

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A Seminal Artist is defined as someone who is highly original and influences the development of the future of the artistic medium. I think that Matthew Bourne is more so a seminal artist then not. He is original in pushing the gender boundaries of dance, through his manipulation of conventions; however hasn’t influenced other choreographers to do the same. This can be determined through his personal background and training, his socio-historic context and compositional devices. As well as within his productions, the music, stage setting and props, lighting, costuming and casting. Matthew Bourne’s background and training has been a major influence on his choreography. His inspirations began, back on his fifth birthday, when he saw the first film that he can remember “The Sound of Music”. He…show more content…
This is where he saw more so what the career was of a performer, musician, choreographer and many people involved in the theatre and the ballet. After graduating in 1985, Bourne joined Transitions Dance Company having the amazing opportunity to tour with them in 1985 and 1986, this gave his a lot of time to spend with talented and professional dances. Continually throughout his career, he received many awards for his tremendous achievements. As well as a lot of recognition for his work “The most successful choreographer alive. A master of social observation”, "Bourne has reached audiences that other dance-maker’s cant", “Matthew Bourne has utterly changed the landscape of dance forever” All of these compliments were to do with extraordinary unseen work, which shows that to the people which his works were aimed at he truly was a seminal artist. Bourne became a seminal artist as a result of his early life and many experiences, which inspired him and helped him pursue his

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