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MATTHEW How to use this Bible guide The structure of this Bible guide Introduction to Matthew A Study of each chapter of the book (Note: Each Section will be in a box, so that you can easily find a particular passage. It will look like this: Matthew 1:1–17 .) NOTES: There is a Word List at the end of this book. This gives the meanings of difficult words. These words have a star like *this in front of them in the text. There may be other words that you do not understand. If so, please tell us. *OT means Old Testament. It is the first part of our Bible. *NT means New Testament. It is the second part of our Bible. In the Bible, verses are the divisions of a chapter. How to use this Bible Guide This Guide is for personal Bible study. The studies are short. This makes them ideal for daily use. You may prefer a longer time of study. If so, you could use groups of 3 to 5 studies. This would give you a better idea about a longer Bible passage. You may not want to use them all. If so, you can choose from the ‘4 other ways’ at the end of this book. Regular study is vital, whatever method you choose. This Guide is for the leaders and members of small groups. This guide is for teachers of the Bible too. It gives ideas for talks. Its advice will help in preparation too. The teacher can use it for adults and children. 1. Personal Bible Study Read the text several times. If it is possible, use more than one translation. Think about what you have read. Write down your own thoughts about the passage. Look at any other notes that are available to you. Use the notes in this book. Read all the Bible references too. Answer the questions that are at the end of each section. They have a purpose. It is to help you to use the passage in your own situation. End with prayer. This is a good

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