Mattel Case 6

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PART ONE SWOT Analysis Mattel Inc. Reviewing the strengths and weakness of Mattel in the emerging global market place. Mattel's vision is to be the world's premier toy brands—today and tomorrow Internal Strengths * One of Mattel’s strengths is in their core products. * Barbie, American Girl, Hot Wheels, Fisher-Price, Cabbage Patch Kids * A serious commitment to business ethics * Creation of Mattel Independent Monitoring Council * Global Manufacturing Principles * Strong commitment to online privacy * Detailed online privacy disclosures Internal Weaknesses * Lack of innovation * Product Recalls * Poor ethical decisions by employees * Stolen trade secrets * Weak employment contracts * Intellectual Property Rights External Opportunities * Partnership for distributions * Branded Stores * Develop current core products with additional technological elements. External Threats * Changing Technology * Role of technology in products * Overseas Manufacturing * MGA Toys * Rise of consumer power in the global market Problem/Decision Statement How should Mattel plan a strategic model for the rise of the global market place, specifically in relation to social responsibility, distribution and technology? Strategic Alternatives 1. Mattel needs to rely on their core product’s brand power, and enhance the products with available technology. 2. Mattel has seen eroding profits with the rise of big box and online sellers. As such Mattel brand stores and an online market place would elevate profits. 3. Mattel needs to implement ethical training and increase legal review of the of employment contracts. Strategy Recommendation In relation to adding technology into the current power house brands, Mattel needs
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