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rethinking design Appro-tech: Design of heating, cooking and/or cooling systems. Maree Leppard What/Why: Appro-tech is short for appropriate technology, which is being mindful of what we're doing and aware of the consequences. Appro-tech changes with every situation, and every different environment. For example; it is not appropriate to install solar modules in a place with very little sun. Appro-Tech: - Meets peoples needs - Helps protect the environment - Uses local skills and materials - Helps people earn a living - Affordable - Paves the way for a better future Therefore Appro-Tech is inventing technological innovations necessary to meet these needs. A good quote to summarise this is "Appropriate technology has to fit the infinite variety of life on earth, rather than forcing life to fit the technology." ( Minimal materials is the use of materials more efficiently and effectively. For example; using as little materials as possible. Appro-tech is a very important area of research in relation to sustainable design. Designers have great potential in identifying resources that are readily available and recycling, re-using, regenerating or reconstructing these to give them a purpose in the modern world. Minimising materials is equally as important to sustainable design because there are many problems that have evolved from waste products. Working with local materials is a step in the right direction to minimize problems like deforestation. Who: Amy Smith is a Mechanical Engineer who designs cheap, practical solutions to tough problems in developing countries. Many of her designs have particular focus on appropriate technology and sustainability. Droog design is an enterprise based in Amsterdam. They have made a strong claim on sustainable ideas and have created a number of designs with the intention of generating a reaction from the

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