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The Matrix Neo: Early in The Matrix, Neo learns that his life as he knows it has been an illusion, a computer-generated world beyond anything he can comprehend. He is sought out by those who already understand the truth and given the choice to learn the truth or return to a fake life. He chooses the truth—the choice that opens his eyes and changes his direction from a lazy hacker to hero of the universe. Neo does not show much emotion, and we get a sense of his growing self-confidence by watching his skilful fighting moves. As he embraces his role, Neo becomes a Christ figure in the trilogy. Characters in the Matrix trilogy call Neo “the One,” and they are certain he is the man who will save them. Several similarities exist between Neo and Christ. Neo is resurrected from the dead at the end of The Matrix, a feat that cements his role as saviour of the human race. Neo’s Matrix name, Thomas Anderson, suggests another similarity with Christ as “Anderson” literally means “son of man,” a phrase used to describe Christ. Neo also means new which emphasises that he is a new saviour of humanity. neo doubts himself and his abilities until he begins to gain experience. Neo is not meant to actually represent Christ, but these connections work to raise his status in the films and highlight the important role he plays in the battle to save the human race. Trinity: Once a computer hacker, Trinity was freed from the Matrix by Morpheus and is now one of a band of rebels living in Zion. Tough, leather-clad Trinity is a kind of superhero in the Matrix. Master of kung Fu fighting and a skilled shooter, Trinity can take out a roomful of gun-wielding enemies with ease. When she meets Neo, she proves to be a loyal partner, willing to follow him into danger and chase after him when he’s in trouble. Her love for Neo is strong, and she brings Neo back to life at the end of The Matrix

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