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Matrix Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on August 1, 2013
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University of Phoenix Material

Goal Evaluation Matrix

Choose five of the scenarios in the University of Phoenix Material: Goal Evaluation Scenarios and evaluate the goals according to the SMART criteria. Provide support for your evaluation.

|                                 |S                               |M                               |A                               |R                               |T                               |
|Goal setter and goal             |Is the goal specific?           |Is the goal measurable?         |Is the goal attainable?         |Is the goal realistic?         |Is the goal timely?             |
|                                 |                               |                               |                               |                               |                               |
|James has an average build. He   |Yes                             |No                             |No                             |No                             |Yes                             |
|works at a local university, is   |                               |                               |                               |                               |                               |
|married, and has two children in |James wants to pursue his dream|There is no way to tell if he   |He works at a university and is|He hasn’t played since high     |He has given himself 2 years to|
|elementary school.               |since high school of playing   |is the right fit or has the     |in his 30’s                     |school                         |get himself where he should be |
|                                 |for the San Diego Chargers     |knowledge to play for this team|                               |                               |                               |
|                                 |football team.                 |                               |                               |                               |...

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