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1. Evaluate Timothy Matisse’s current strategy and how the present offer fits in. Timothy established Matisse Company in 1985 and the main function of Matisse is to find a buyer, purchase lumber from a mill, and direct the shipment of lumber to the buyer. As the middlemen, Timothy has to accept all risk of selling to the buyer since the title of product already transferred to him. Timothy’s competitively price in the market and the good relationship with lumberyards making his business going smoothly and making a good living for him and his family. However, over the past few years, his business was hit by national home-improvement chains and a new competitor entre in his area with aggressive marketing promotion strategy. Recently, Good Timber Mfg presents an offer that wants Timothy to become Good Timber’s exclusive distributor (Sales rep) of residential windows and accessories in his area. With current struggle financially and personally, Matisse Company needs to increase their market shares in other field. The new offer to distribute window allows Timothy to expand their product offerings and their client base. 20% commission and high mark up on accessories bring a great potential profit to Matisse Company. Good Timber provides customize feature allow Timothy to compete with the existing competitors. 2. What should he do now and why? Timothy Matisse has three options and he has to evaluate each option in order to make right decision. a. Take DeBeer’s offer and sell both lumber and windows. By taking this option, timothy has a great opportunity to increase profits through differentiated product lines meanwhile still keep the lumber business since it is still profitable. But he has to put more effort and time on new business due to limited resources. Also, there is higher risk of uncertainly return for new product. b.Take DeBeer’s offer and

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