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Grade 11 Life Sciences Lesson Plans GRADE 11 SUBJECT Life Sciences WEEK 12 TOPIC DATE COMPLETED: Energy transformations to sustain life. Lesson 1 LESSON SUMMARY FOR: DATE STARTED: LESSON OBJECTIVES Content: (p 42 CAPS) STRAND 2: LIFE PROCESSES IN PLANTS AND ANIMALS ENERGY TRANSFORMATIONS Photosynthesis: • Introduction • Process of photosynthesis using words and symbols; • The intake of raw materials. The learners will be able to: • Explain why organisms need energy. • Differentiate between autotrophic and heterotrophic nutrition. • Explain that chlorophyll, radiant energy, water and carbon dioxide are necessary to produce glucose during photosynthesis. Oxygen is released as a waste product. • Write a word equation for photosynthesis. • Write a chemical equation for photosynthesis. TEACHER ACTIVITIES LEARNER ACTIVITIES TIMING RESOURCES NEEDED 1. 1.1 Introduction Ask learners to write down in their notebooks why organisms (e.g. a human) need energy and where that energy comes from. Organisms require energy for body processes such as growth, movement, cell division; maintain a constant body temperature and active transport. 2.2 Main Body (Lesson presentation) • Go through learner suggestions, giving each learner a chance to read out what they wrote. Write each suggestion of the board once. Then ask learners where they think their energy comes from, they will probably say from the food they eat. Ask learners where that energy comes from, you need to ask questions until they eventually say plants, ask where that energy comes from, they will say the sun. • Differentiate between autotrophic and heterotrophic nutrition. Plants produce their own food through the process of photosynthesis and are said to have autotrophic nutrition. Organisms, for e.g. animals who eat their food, have heterotrophic nutrition. Write on the board: Radiant energy → plants

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