Mathilde Loisel's Traits

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Li Jun Zheng Mr.Rowe English 10 Feb.13.2013 Mathilde Loisel's Traits A woman who changed from being selfish and dishonest person to a hard worker and honest person name Mathilde Loisel. I think everyone likes imagine and it makes people has different feeling. Mathilde is imaginative because she always imagine herself to a rich person that “ born for every delicacy and luxury."(P1). Also when she eating dinner with her husband, she imagine that she is eating“ delicate meals."(P1) So therefore I think Mathilde is imaginative. Vain always makes people don't have satisfaction, always want more and more. Mathilde is vain because when her husband give her a ball printed card, Mathilde said to her husband" give your invitation to some friend of your whose wife will be turned out better than I shall."(P2) just because " [ Mathilde] haven't a dress."(P2) That is the reason why I think Mathilde is a vain person. Dishonest person always has bad things happen whit them. Mathilde and her husband is dishonest because they were lied to Madame Forestier that they were " broken the clasp of her necklace."(P4), but that is not a real happen because Mathilde were " no longer got Madame Forestier's necklace."(P3) and wrote to Madame Forestier " getting it mended"(P4), actually they were" replacing the diamonds."(P4) So therefore I think Mathilde is a dishonest person. People who work hard will reach their goals. I think Mathilde is a hard worker even thought at the beginning of the story she was a lazy worker. At the beginning of the story Mathilde was a lazy worker " girl who came to do the work in her little house."(P1) she didn't do any housework; but at the end of the story Mathilde changed being a lazy worker to a hard worker "she washed the plates (P5)" and " she washed the dirty linen."(P5) After 10 years, Mathilde reach her goals " every thing was paid
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