Math Within the Nursing Profession

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Math Within The Nursing Profession
Math 103
Sabrina Bell
Bryant Stratton College

Math is used everyday in all nursing profession. Nurses working a nursing home or assisted living facility are not only expected to feed and bathe the residents they are also expected to take vitals, give medications and do charts. Taking vitals means looking at the blood pressure, temperature, the pulse rate, and the rate that they are breathing. At certain times the nurse may have to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius or Celsius to Fahrenheit. Nurses who give medications need to be able to calculate the proper amount of medication for the size and weight of the patient because it varies from person to person. Charting is the same way, they would need to chart the amount of urine being expelled. Nurses also need to determine the correct amount of liquids to medication ratio. Nurses who work with children measure the difference in growth and weight since the last time the child has seen the doctor. Once she has the child's information, it is plotted on a chart to determine whether the child falls into a healthy weight and height for his age(Duncan,2013). Ob/Gyn's also measure and chart the growth and development of the unborn baby. Recently I spoke with my aunt who has been a nurse for about 11 years. She has worked in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospitals and small doctors offices. She told me that the work tasks do not differ to much from place to place. In the nursing home she gave medications, so she had figure out the proper amount of medication to give to the different residents. She also had to give fluids and make sure that the residents are expelling as much as they are taking in. Working in the hospital she gave shots and did IV doses of medications. When she worked at the small doctors office she wrote out the doses for the patients and checked

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