Math Response Essay

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The letter from Mrs. Ware was such a change from the typical syllabus routine with most classes. While we did get a lot of paper, seeing a letter was a sweet change. I was surprised that this class isn’t teaching us how to teach, but I understand why and I’m excited for the class. I’m a little bit concerned that I will get frustrated by some of the different ways to do math we are going to learn. I am a very straightforward learned when it comes to math and would rather learn the most direct and simplistic way to the answer as opposed to learning every way possible. I completely understand the importance of investigating every way that a child learns I just hope that I can stay encouraged this semester. I am looking forward to the group work that we will be given this semester because I really enjoy collaborative work and am hoping that it will be successful. One other concern I have is the attendance policy. My brother is getting married in the spring and I’m his fiancé’s maid of honor. I shouldn’t have to miss many Tuesday/Thursday classes, but if there is one I’m hoping that I will not get behind in my work. I love children and have a passion for teaching them, so I’m really looking forward to this class and all that we will learn. I think it’s so important that we fully grasp math, as it’s so important to our nation for success. I’m excited to get into the semester and all that it

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