Math Of Music Essay

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Music and mathematics play both very important and very different roles in our society. Although they are both seemingly different, they are more closely related to one another than what is commonly known. For many people, math is a conundrum that is thought as a very long, drawn out, and often boring subject taught in schools, due to its calculations and equations and headache causing rules. Many students view math with feelings of dejection and apathy. It is believed to be very desolate, robotic, and callous. However, music speaks to one’s emotions. Music has its own specific feelings; its own life. Music surrounds the world around us every moment of every day. Every human that has ever inhabited Earth has, at one point or another, sung a song, tune, or melody of some sort. Similarly, the majority of Earth’s population has pressed keys on a piano, attempted to play a guitar, or simply made a beat with their hand on a table, thus creating music. Music is an interactive way of expressing one’s hopes, desires, dreams, and fears. A reason for trying to find connections between these two seemingly opposite subjects might seem ambiguous. It is unclear as to which aspects both topics could have similar relationships with. Yet, in the simplest aspects of music such as rhythm and pitch, mathematics is working nonstop. Mathematics may not seem to coincide with any artistic pattern such as these, but, in fact, its accountability is very strong. Although there are different aspects which indicate this hidden relationship, there is no greater truth than saying that there is a direct correlation between mathematics and music. For example, studies and research has shown that young children (ages 5-10) who are taught how to play the piano often show more efficiency and improved problem solving abilities similar to those found to be used when solving jigsaw puzzles,

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