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Math Ia Essay

  • Submitted by: Goog2904
  • on October 10, 2011
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Math IA – G-Forces Investigation 1

Name: Gaurang Kumar
Student Number: 491336
Teacher: Mr. Anusic
Due Date: Tuesday, October 12, 2010

G-Forces Studied from the perspective if Eyeballs In.  

In this first investigation I will be studying about the effects of different Horizontal G-Forces which are subjected to us, and how much of the G-force we can withstand. To make accurate conclusions, data from a source will be used to make graphs that will model the data. An equation will be transformed out of that data to show its growth. Specific variables from the investigation will be used on the axis of the Graphs. To further help with the investigations, all calculations, and graphs will be done on the TI-Nspire. Software on the computer will then get a screenshot of the calculations and graphs to put into a word document. These graphs and calculations will then be analyzed through a procedure.  
The Task
The first table of data shows human being subjected to horizontal +G-Forces.
On the axis of the graphs the X-Axis will represent +G-Force in Gees and the Y-Axis will be represented by Time in minutes. As time is almost always independent, in this case I have independent, due to a reason. Time in this case is dependent on the amount of +G-Force being issued. As the amount of G-Force issued stays the same the time is the one that is changing, not the other way around.

The Data Table – 1 – Horizontal G-Force.
Time (Min) | +Gx (g) |
0.01 | 35 |
0.03 | 28 |
0.1 | 20 |
0.3 | 15 |
1 | 11 |
3 | 9 |
10 | 6 |
30 | 4.5 |

  * The Base function that was used for the first investigation was a reciprocal/power graph, with a base function of f(x) = 11500x-3.9.
  * In my equation for the first investigation my parameters were a, b, and c.
A = 1.15 x 104
B = X
C = -3.9

The investigation only had a few restrictions:
G-Force can’t equal 0.
Time can’t equal 0 either.
Domain and Range...

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