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Math Class Essay: Please keep your hand written version in your math binder. This essay should be the first thing in the binder. As I begin the year, I have high expectations for myself in math. I will work to the best of my ability each and every day. I will pay attention to posted assignments at the beginning of class and record any upcoming quizzes and/or tests in my assignment notebook. I will put my name at the top of every paper. I will take careful notes. I will show work on all homework and all take home quizzes and tests. I will complete my Simple Solutions homework each night and prepare for the quizzes at the end of each week. I know that I have to complete two SS lessons the weekend before a four day week. I will get help from Mrs. Metz or another trusted person any time I am unsure of a problem. I am a mature and responsible student, I am aware that my success is linked to my commitment to achieve. It is my responsibility to keep up with notes, assignments, quizzes and tests, even when I am absent. My grade is something that I earn, not what I am given. I know that it is my effort, not the effort of my teacher(s), or the efforts of my parents/guardians that will earn my grade. I look forward to a successful year. I know that it is my responsibility to talk to my teacher(s) when I have a question, need help, clarification, or need to double check a grade. I am old enough and mature enough that I am able to handle these tasks and will not expect my teachers, parents, or friends to do it for me. I am happy as a junior high student to earn respect for myself as a person by my positive actions. I will handle all that comes my way with grace, without whining and with a smile on my face. I know that this year is as good as I make it, and I plan to make it my best year

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