Math and Technology Essay

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Rethinking Skills-Based Learning in a 1:1 Classroom Ben Goodrich and Steve Valentine, MKA M1 (math and English teachers, dept chairs and administrators in charge of PD, C & I) Don't use it unless you mean it. Using computers only when you mean to do it, not just bc they are there. intentional use of tech to empower students (to discover, create and apply knowledge) -- this leads to stdt engagement counter examples (how NOT to use it): - as a glorified word processor, calculator, notebook, paper, e-reader There has to be more going on than students reading, writing and taking notes. We think we can do better as a school. When you've spent all this money on a laptop program, you need to show that you are doing as much as you can with this investment, being self-reflective and critical enough about our own practice. What IS the power of the technology you are using? How are you leveraging that power to deepen the learning of your students? Math Dept., year before 1:1 began, we began to question our choices about textbooks: expensive, heavy, hard to check your work as you go We found "WebAssign" -- a platform that puts homework problems in a system that makes them available online and checkable online, giving frequent feedback to both student and teacher. It comes with an e-book (costs $46 per student) Students LOVE the immediate feedback. They can see what they did and didn't get. Increased stdt engagement: I have students coming to ask me Qs more now than ever before. It made us think about what we are doing with the HW. If it is about discovery, exploration, practice, then don't grade it at all. But if you don't grade it, then they don't do it. Compromise: if they've got 75% right, give them 100% credit. Before teacher walks into class, you can see how the class as a whole and indivl students did on HW
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