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Math Essay

  • Submitted by: EricaHopkins1
  • on April 2, 2014
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Erica Johnson

January 20, 2014

Karen Clem

MM212: College Algebra


In this essay I will be talking about my experience with math. Math is used in so many ways in life. You use it at home, school, and at so many different work places. In my case I will be using in college and after I graduate I plan on using it in my work place. In college some people take math to brush up on there skills and/or its required.

In high school I took 4 different math classes. It’s a thrill to me to try in solving the problem. Math is one of my better areas of studies. The part of math I love is geometry because I like to work with shapes. My over all math ability I would have to say is above average. I still have some areas I have to work on and willing to learn. The things I like about math is solving the problems and I dislike bout math is fractions. That is my weak point.

I am studying medical assisting. I was told math wasn’t a required class but I am taking algebra as an elective, I find it fun to brush up on my skills. I love math so this is going to be fun. I thin I will do great. I can make this enjoyable for me by getting the most out of this class and putting a lot of effort into it.

There are a lot of resources that are available to me. Kaplan offers tutoring and the writing center. I will use the tutoring if I feel the need for the extra help on something   or I don’t understand what I’m suppose to be doing. I will most likely use the writing center when I have a writing assignment.

In conclusion, I see math being a big part in my future profession. I will have to measure medicine and if I have to input some billing into the patients charts. So I cam excited to see how many other ways math will help me in medical assisting.

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