Math 533 Project Part a Essay

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MATH 533 3/17/2013 Course Project: Part A- Exploratory Analysis The following report presents the detailed statistical analysis of the data collected from a sample of credit customers in the department chain store AJ DAVIS. The 1st individual variable considered is Location. It is a categorical variable. The three subcategories are Urban, Suburban and Rural. Since this is a categorical variable, the measures of central tendency and descriptive statistics has not been calculated for this variable. The frequency distribution and pie chart are given as follows: |Frequency Distribution: | |Location |Frequency | |Urban |21 | |Suburban |15 | |Rural |14 | [pic] From the frequency distribution and pie chart, it is evident that the maximum number of customers belongs to the rural category (42%), followed by those in the suburban category (30%). Only 28% of the customers belong to the urban category. The 2nd individual variable considered is Size. It is a quantitative variable. The measures of central tendency, variation and other descriptive statistics have been calculated for this variable and are given as follows: |Descriptive Statistics: | |Size | |Mean |4.5 | |Standard Error |0.35714286 | |Median |4.5 | |Mode |1 | |Standard Deviation |2.52538136 | |Sample Variance |6.37755102 | |Kurtosis |-1.4861971 | |Skewness |1.8881E-17 | |Range
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