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Math and your career Everyone should have a foundation of basic math. Math is use in many fields of work. It will help me later on in life with jobs and such. Why math? Math is use a lot in the computer science including design, coding and software. Didn’t find anything surprising in the article. Advanced math will help me later in life. Why take Advanced Math Article is incomplete. As for advanced math, I’m requied to take it for my degree. Math that adds up A good math foundation starts at early age. Many people are illiterate when it come to math. The United States finished 21st out of 29 countries in math and 24th in problem solving. Taking math with help me get my degree. Math Matters Math is highly used by engineers and can boost the effectiveness and performance of simulations. 2,000 engineers asked how they approach the task of design On a daily basis, 52% of respondents said they use hand calculators and paper; 47% use electronic references and tables (CD-ROM, Web); 35% use print reference books and tables; and 39% use spreadsheets. Math will help me with more difficult math problems. Business Coalition Focuses on Math, Science Careers Public School should be making improvements in math, science, technology, and engineering a national priority. Also by motivating the students to enter careers in those fields. The number of students planning to pursue engineering degrees has declined by one-third between 1992 and 2002. Funding for the research in the physical sciences in the U.S. gross domestic product has declined by half since 1970. Math is a very important subject to learn. Commentary: The doorway to a successful professional career is math If a child receives a solid start with math, they will be more successful when they take more advanced math later in life. Try not to impart any fear of math to your child. Try to

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