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Are you seeking to discover how to live the perfect life? Do you are feeling happy, strong and healthy? Understand what it is that you're looking for, and never settle for less. Here were three ideals represent for the perfect life of the Greek. First of all is a great power to improve lives and serve others. In the other word, human being used wisdom and power to change the whole world and make it be a better place. Kingship or power is always about service to other, never about self. Secondly is a heroic prowess of hero. It is another mode of service people. This is not a service in daily of citizen but in the moment of crisis; courage, strength and heroic prowess are needed when life of nations are endangered. The hero that leave his family and happiness behind; he put his own life in danger. But after the war, the reward that he received is nothing valuable. To those soldiers, the significance that they received is honor, glory, reputation and his name will be remembered. And finally, after your contributions for nation, you can live for yourself. Love is the most important thing that you should have. It’s essential and wonderful. But following the ancient Greek, love is about personal happiness; service to others must come first. In the world today, the improving of socialization’s innovated people thought. Do you think three ideals of Greek still right? In the first ideal of Greek, power is mean for “other”, it’s not about “self”. Having power’s the same with responsibility. The true man uses his power to help others to reject their hardship and improving their life. On my mine, Ancient Greek’s ideal is needed to help people out, but it can’t be used in the modern world. You don’t really need to have a great power; if everyone could conjoin and each of us gave a hand to contribute little by little in order to make our world be a better place. This is

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