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In my old school I use to love math no matter whom the teacher, what their teaching styles were like, or what grade I was thrilled to learn math. I grasped the concepts quickly and seemed to take the bull by the horns and challenge myself with more tricky problems. I thought it was fun, and I defiantly didn’t take it as seriously as I do now. In the sixth grade I use to love math it use to be my favorite subject. I was always ahead of my class along with my best friend and since we knew the material we were allowed to do special things during math class while others worked on the concepts we already understood. I got straight A’s…that was until I came to Boston Latin School. Since I came to BLS I can’t stand math, it’s always such a challenge and I feel its just there to trick you and give you more problems. I fell behind and had a lot of questions, but it was tough because you had to grasp the concept in about a week otherwise the teacher would give you a new concept to learn on top of the one you were previously having trouble with. Sixie year at BLS I received my first D in math. Eighth grade I did better, I asked a lot of questions and it seemed to help, but it seemed my confusion went beyond the answer to a few questions. So far this year I feel that I am going to do better than I have done last year, this positive thinking builds motivation to want to get things done. This year I hope I learn to do the concepts I have struggled with over the past years such as solving problems with square root in them, and graphing in general. A concern I had was that I did not really know how to study for math tests or quizzes. This is why I found it very helpful when you gave us a few examples of way to study and review for assessments. Due to my current bad history with math I don’t plan on studying math past the required levels needed to graduate. I also don’t plan on

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