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Topic 2: THE HEALTH How To Have A Good College Health Life Eating healthy food choices is a must in maintaining a college health life. Your diet affects your performance in school. If you keep on eating junk, what do you expect to get? You get junk too. Make some necessary adjustments in your food diet. Take natural juices and limit caloric foods. Don’t just leave your food anywhere. Green foods include fruits, veggies and fish. Prepare them daily or ask somebody to do it for you. In case you lack time, buying is considered. Buy only healthy foods. I don’t know what your favorite foods are. But, there are two important things to consider, the preparation and the recipes. Clean up your room regularly. As a college student, there are probably tons of things to do in school. Some of them are even brought home. If you like to maintain a healthy lifestyle despite a tight schedule, clean your room regularly. Your room is where you usually stay and do your own thing. Make it clean. Rearrange well. Get all dusts trapped. Get rid of dirt. Spray an air modern. Change decors when needed. Exercise regularly. College health life is not just about cleanliness and food. It is also about exercising. Walk to the next classroom instead of taking the elevator. You can make your personal exercisers. Exercise in the morning, between classes or in the afternoon. Get plenty of liquids too. If you take enough amount of water during the day, you won’t get hydrated. Toxins can even be eliminated every time you sweat. Also, get plenty of rest during the night-times. Rest when you need it. Handle your moods well. Don’t get easily irritated by strict professors or difficult projects. Just do what you can and be healthy all the way. New words : Vocabulary | Pronounce | Part of speech | Meaning | Example | performance |

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