Materialism or Traditionalism Essay

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Materialism or Traditionalism? Nowadays, there are many luxuries in people’s lives, such as the iphones and LV bags. Many people work hard for those luxuries, some of them even use more than half of their salaries to buy these things. The materialistic people think it is worth to spend half of their salaries to buy the luxuries because those are the things they want and those things are the symbols of their statuses. However, while people are crazy for the luxuries, they are becoming care less about the traditional values, such as family and honest. People only care about their status and become materialism. In people’s mind, “traditional” means “outdated”, especially the teenagers, the one has something “traditional” will be eliminated by others. As a result, the importance of tradition becomes lower and lower, some people even think it is ok to let the tradition disappear eventually. But, we have to keep the traditions because our roots are in our traditions. The traditions give us context, bring us the rules, and reinforce our sense of belonging. Therefore, we should try our best to protect the traditional instead of rejecting them. Firstly, the traditions represent the beginning of our lives. Every person has his or her own traditions. Those traditions show us the bigger picture. We are not the first people to do this and others who follow us will continue. We follow the traditions and teach the tradition to our children and grandchildren. We grow up with the traditions, the traditions just like one of our family member. Similar to other Chinese families, my family will worship my ancestors in the Qing Ming Festival. Every year after the worship, the elders in my family will tell the stories of the ancestors. Though those stories I have heard hundred times, I learn a lot of things from the stories. Most of the stories are about the arduous lives

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