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Spring 2015 Project Deliverables Team Name: __________________________________________________ Group Members: _____________________________________________________________________ Project schedule and requirements General – 30 points Project identification and selection |Executive summary. A one-page document summarizing the overall project. |Points Possible |25 | |Table of Contents. |Points Possible |5 | Database – 90 points |ER Diagram created using Gliffy. |Points Possible |10 | |Tables and queries. A listing of all tables and queries in the DB with detail of what is |Points Possible |10 | |contained if a table and what it does if a query. | | | |A form suitable for entering data on the topic of your choice. Include a hard copy of the|Points Possible |15 | |form in your documentation | | | |A main form which organizes your application and from which (via buttons) the other forms|Points Possible |15 | |and reports may be started. Provide a hard copy of the form. | | | |A report that includes subtotals and a grand total. Include a hard copy of the report in |Points Possible |15 | |your documentation. | | | |A report of your choice. This report should be selected to highlight the creativity and |Points Possible |15 | |value of your database. Include a hard copy of the report in

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